Modlys anmeldes i Troldspejlet

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Danish post:


Modlys, det første bind i Vintersjælserien er blevet anmeldt i Troldspejlet af den gode Stegelmann! Jeg er stolt. Troldspejlet har kørt siden 1989 og leveret fantastisk underholdning for børn og unge (og voksne).
Tryk på billedet for at komme frem til filmklippet.
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Vintersjæl 2

Emil Blichfeldt har skrevet nummer 2 i serien, og jeg glæder mig meget til at skulle illustrere den. Vi regner med at den kommer i trykken senere på året, så du skal ikke vente alt for længe på at finde ud af, hvordan det  videre går med Magda.

Danish Dark Fantasy Book

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I had the pleasure of doing illustrations and layout of this fine book written by Emil Blichfeldt and published by Calibat.


Zombie book

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I’ve been working on a project in-between other projects. It’s a Danish book about the world after a zombie apocalypse. It’s a mix of prose, illustrations and comic pages. It’s written by the talented writer Martin Schjönning. One of my inspirations regarding the mix of the 3 media is Lore by T. P. Louise and Ashley Wood. It’s a compelling and beautiful book . There’s something about mixing prose with the comic medium. You might say, why don’t you just create the whole thing as a graphic novel? Well… Maybe you wouldn’t say that but I’ve given it some thought anyways. The thing is Sjönning and I want to keep the pictures and word somewhat segregated, so no dialogue in the panels. That’s the plan. I do however work with sound effects, you know “Boom!” and that sort of onomatopoetic sounds. Fancy word. Another factor: It’s a lot faster not creating the whole book as comic pages, so it’s an ideal in-between project. Besides Sjönning writes some beautiful descriptions so it would be a pity to tell the whole story without words.

So without further ado, here’s 3 non-chronological pages. The colours are still work in progress.


Page 3 zombie-mash-up

There be monsters

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I’m working on a dark fantasy book with Danish writer and publisher Emil Blichfeldt. It’s for children but it’s not for the faint of heart. There be monsters!

Made Flesh printed!

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After two years of working on this book it’s finally printed. It’s a great feeling holding this graphic novel in all is corporeal beauty. We’re starting our promotion by attending Fantasticon this weekend so swing by if you’re in the neighborhood. It’s in Valby, Denmark. We’re hoping to get it out in a couple of comic book stores in Copenhagen and we’re working on a e-book version as well.

Made Flesh cover

Made Flesh printed

Made Flesh printed

Sketchbook entries

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mohawk and dog

Taking a break

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