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I am drawing pages for a new collaboration project with Martin Schjönning, a Danish writer.
It’s about people and zombies! No spoilers here.
It’s all work in progress. Colour will be added later.


The Sorcerer

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I made this creature inspired by a cave drawing in Trois-Frères, Ariège, France. You can see a sketch of a sketch of the cave drawing below. Some believe it to be a shaman or sorcerer, or some kind of master of animals. Great story.


Amazonian Warrior

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I gave her the red dress because I thought of Alice in the Resident Evil movies. I couldn’t remember what it looked like, so here you go, a red dress that looks nothing like the one in Resident Evil. At one point I thought of giving her some armor. But maybe she was just teleported from a party only to find herself on a desolate battlefield confronted by a hairy monster? I like to think that she was.

Ooooh, fishy, fishy, fishy fish!

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Here’s the two fish I drew for the previous Mermaid illustration. I think they make a nice couple. deep-sea-fish

Deep Sea Mermaid

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An illustration for my own amusement and training. I wanted to draw a mermaid from the deeper parts of the sea where creatures are fluorescent. I still wanted her to be somewhat true to the myths, hence the bare breasts which of course is pretty weird when you think about it.   mermaid

Action Packed illustration

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A cover I did for the rock Band Bound by Wire.
The guys pretty much knew what they wanted: themselves in camo in front of a tank in front of an explosion. Who was I to disagree. It was a fun project. I made some preliminary thumbnail sketches before the sketch here, but they got lost amongst moving boxes. The final font is called Flames. Designed by Rick Mueller.

cover-skitse-grå cover-skitse

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