Look! a tree!

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A sketch I made a couple of days ago.

The other hand sketches

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Due to some pain in my left wrist because of too much drawing, I’ve decided to train my right hand to draw as well. these are my first results. The difficult part is the straight lines and when it needs to be precise. But it’ll get there eventually. Luckily my left hand still works. I just need to take better care of it.
højre-skitser højre-skitser2 højre-skitser3

Children’s Book sketches

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I’m taking a brief break from the pages of Made Flesh to work on a children’s book made up of a lot of faery tales and fables. It’s collected and (re)written by Lotte Salling. Here’s some sketches. It’s a mix of digital and hand drawn pictures. Actually the wolf is more or less finished, just need colours. On a different note my remote controlled helicopter is flying really funny. Peculiar funny. professoren foto skrædderne prinsessen-på-20-madrasser

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